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My name is Liudmila (Dr Liudmila Kadzhaia, in full). I have been working as an English teacher for about 30 years. My natural-driven passion and enthusiasm never makes me stop developing my skills in teaching the various aspects of English - speaking, writing, building versatile vocabulary, communicative grammar, translation, and the English literature. Leveraging my experience, I anticipate that I will be able to contribute highly in providing the SDUW students with a broad view of the English language perception. I also believe my knowledge and experience will help students meet their curriculum goals and expand their cultural and educational competence both through conventional means and modern ways.

I am from Russia. I am married having a son and a daughter. In my free time, being a curious and outgoing person, I like travelling, hiking, swimming, seeing the sights and learning new things. Literature has always played an important role in my life. I enjoy reading books from a wide range of genres.

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