James Michael Armitage

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I was born August 8th1976 in Sheffield,Northern Englandand attended Catholic schools both Primary and Secondary. I was a keen sportsman in my early teenage years and played football for my city and was selected to join a ‘School of excellence’ at Sheffield United football club. Afterwards at the age of 16 I joined a band as a guitarist and toured many European countries.

In 1995 I attendedNottinghamTrentUniversityand graduated with full honors. Afterwards I worked as a team-building manager and in 2001 decided to travel around the world starting inAustraliaand ending inMexico. Before coming toChinain 2003 I studied TEFL and ESL and received the relevant certifications.

I married in 2007 and had a baby girl a year later. I still play guitar and occasionally football, I also enjoy reading and photography.

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